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59S UV Sterilisation Wand


59S are the pioneers of LED sterilization. 59S uses UV LED technology and ultraviolet light of 260nm-280nm, directly damaging DNA and bacteria via physical means, to achieve quick, convenient and efficient disinfection

    • 100% OZONE FREE AND CHEMICAL FREE - Powered by 20 x UVC LED, disinfects and eliminates up to 99.9% of germs, viruses and bacteria. No water or chemicals needed.
    • FOR HOME, OFFICE & TRAVEL - Sterlising Wand makes your life easier with a simple press and scan. Apply directly to area you intend to sterilise.
    • PORTABLE & EASY TO USE - Sterilising Wand is lightweight and portable with an inbuilt battery. It can easily be stored in your hand bag, back pack, diaper bag or luggage. Sterilise and disinfect whenever needed, even while you are on the go!
    • SAFETY DESIGN - With its inbuilt smart sensor, the Sterilising Wand shuts down automatically whenever it is over turned during sterilisation process. In addition, the wand comes with a child lock for further assurance of safety.

    UV Sterilisation has been widely used in sterilizing devices in hospitals for 60 years. UV LED light eliminates almost all germs and bacteria by destroying the phyical properties of the DNA & RNA strands.

    • There are heat-resistant germs ("mad cow" Virus)
    • Cold-resistant germs (avian influenza virus. Yell bacteria)
    • And drug-resistant germs (Superbug)
    • But NO LED UV-resistant germs.
      • Fully charge your X5 Disinfection Wand with a compatible charger.
      • Unlock the safety lock and unfold the flip panel.
      • Do not shine upwards, avoid all personal contact including eyes, skin
      • X5 will shut off when turned upwards (past 30 degrees), it has a built in gravity sensor. 
      • Recommended to wear protective eyewear and double click the sterilizing button to start the process.
      • For best results, it is recommended to scan back and forth on the surface 10 times with a distance of approximately 2-3 cm.
      • Disinfection will finish automatically in 3 minutes or you may press the button again to stop the process at any time. 

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